Not Dumb and Not Dumber: The Question Not Asked

As a teacher I invest time and thought into planning the questions that I can ask my students. Why you may ask; now that is not a stupid question. My role in the virtual classroom is to guide the thinking towards the goals of the lesson and check the students understand what we are learning, why we are learning and how they can apply the learning in a meaningful way. The beginning of a new educational year reminds me, that as a teacher, I will also be the target of many varied and thought provoking questions. (How lucky am I; this is a statement not a question.) The Born to Soar gifted classroom is an online learning environment where questions are encouraged and applauded. The old adage ‘ask a stupid/dumb question’ can be ‘thrown out with the bath water’. Our gifted students share in a learning environment where asking questions is encouraged and nurtured, where every question is appreciated, where the courage to risk your thoughts is applauded and the thinking is shared as we recognise that every gifted brain is wired differently.

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