Indicators of Giftedness

Indicators of Giftedness in Your Child

Your gifted child may exhibit some or many of the following behaviours:

  • Enjoys the company of older friends/companions
  • Possesses a highly developed sense of humour
  • Initiates and engages in mature conversation
  • Uses an extensive vocabulary in conversation
  • Persists and stays focused with a long attention span
  • Prefers perfect solutions
  • Displays an unusual and creative imagination
  • Incredibly curious
  • Highly observant and remembers finer details
  • Learns to do things quickly with little practice
  • Displays an early interest in reading
  • Rapidly solves puzzles
  • Has high ability solving number problems
  • Shows great compassion and sensitivity for others
  • Concerned for the fairness of situations
  • Openly questions authority of decision-makers
  • Has an interest in philosophical thinking
  • Delves in a wide range of interests
  • Develops an intense interest in one subject


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