What is Knowledge Mining And Why Data Is Not Knowledge

This thought provoking article by Alex Terego, taken from eLearning Industry Weekly, examines how ‘Filtering data through questioning to solve problems is a pathway to knowledge, wisdom and power’. 

While raw data is a good starting place, real learning comes from the skill of questioning in order to transform that data into knowledge. The author explains its relevance to schools in his argument that data, like coal, has enormous potential but it’s only through a finely honed set of skills, including critical and divergent thinking, that we are able to extract its real power. 

‘ ...a study cited recently by Sir Ken Robinson, a prominent education theorist, 98% of children between the ages of 3 and 5 exhibit a capacity for divergent thinking: making connections between seemingly unrelated facts and scenarios and using metaphors. At age 15, only 10% retained this capacity and at age 25, the percentage dropped to 5%. Could this be because we train children to take tests, not to uncover and interpret facts and come up with novel ideas?

All Born to Soar courses are taught through student exploration, problem solving, questioning and discussion.  

To read Knowledge Mining: Instructional Designers Note That Data Is Not Knowledge, Just As Crude Oil Is Not Rocket Fuel  go to:

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