Reading Time: So Much More

Reading Time can be so Much More 


Reading a favourite story or exploring a new book is an exciting and creative time for both parent and child. Through books we introduce and explore words, numbers and the world around us. We can take this to a new level when tap into our child’s natural curiosity to explore philosophy and the way in which ideas also form our world. Dr. Seuss is a well-known and loved exponent of children’s philosophy. The book, ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go,’ explores the positive aspects of aspiring, while discussing some of the difficulties which may prevent success, giving a balanced view of life and providing a base for a discussion. 

Discussing the simple colourful images in Dr. Seuss and exploring your child’s thoughts, can be interesting and thought provoking. You do not have to be an independent reader to be an independent thinker.  As a busy parent it can be difficult to find time to discuss ideas with your children, yet if we do not feed this intellectual need from an early age the creativity of original thought can be lost in the business of daily life. By using reading time to also explore ideas, we can meet this need and add to a deeper understanding of the world around us. Interesting picture books can be jointly discovered on an outing to your local library. 

There are many wonderful picture books and ideas to explore with your child and your local library can provide not only texts but a thrilling opportunity to explore ideas and develop a deeper understanding of your child’s inner world. 



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