Gifted and Talented Assessment

Group and Individual Assessment


Born to Soar, offer both group and personal assessment for students. The aim of these assessments is to provide an indication of a student’s strengths, talents and an overview of their cognitive abilities. By having students undertake assessments, parents and educators are able to make more informed decisions when planning curriculum and student placement.


What is the difference between group and individual testing?

  • Group assessment: provides an overview of a student’s learning domains.  The parent report is general in nature while still providing an indication of the student’s strengths, talents and cognitive abilities.

  • Individual assessment: is a one-to-one process and is tailored to each student’s differing abilities across their learning profile. This format allows the tester to monitor the student and decide when it is appropriate to conclude the assessment. The report to parents which accompanies the assessment is more in comprehensive. In all the individual assessment provides more detailed information about the student. For example a Year 3 student may achieve a result indicating Year 7 ability in literacy and Year 6 ability in mathematical thinking.


What assessments are administered?

Group - Reading Comprehension Test – 30 minutes

          Writing Test – 30 minutes

          Mathematical Reasoning Test – 30 minutes

          Abstract Reasoning Test – 30 minutes


Individual – Both literacy and mathematical understandings

                Timing 30 to 80 minutes depending on the needs of the student


Who can sit the assessment?

 All students can sit the individual assessments.

Any student from Year 4 through to Year 11 can sit for the group assessment.

If your child is below Year 4, they will need to have an individual assessment.

Please contact us at for advice on appropriate assessment for your needs.


When and where is assessment available?

  • Group assessment: Is offered twice a term, either on school days or Saturdays.
  • Individual assessment: Is available by appointment.
  • Assessment will be undertaken at Cheltenham (south-east suburb of Melbourne)


What is the cost for assessment?

  • Group assessment: $375 per student
  • Individual assessment: $780 per student


How do I register my child for assessment






Up to 2 hours depending on the type of assessment required

Important Notes

As part of our services Born to Soar offer dedicated gifted assessment, designed to highlight the learning profile of the gifted or talented child. Group assessment is Australian designed, normed and scored by ACER. Born to Soar provide the school with an analysis for curriculum planning and an individual student report to parents. Individual assessment is available and will be administered using a comprehensive Australian-normed package. All assessments are carried out by a facilitator qualified to conduct educational assessments.

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