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Running in the Dark At School

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Students undertaking this unit will explore the theme of darkness and enhance their control of language. Prior to commencing their own written work they will explore the work of noted authors and peers to deepen their understanding of language structures, sharing their understanding of others writing in the “Born to Soar” classroom.  They will then use language structures to craft their own written work, maintaining a sustained voice to communicate their thoughts to their chose audience.

Student pre-requisites skills required to join this classroom:

  • advanced literacy skills well above their year level

This course has been undertaken successfully by highly able students in Years 6 and 7

 Parents please note:

  • an adult supervisor needs to be on hand during virtual classes
  • students’ work will need to be uploaded to their personal cloud folder

  Teachers please note:

  • an adult supervisor should be allocated to virtual classroom times
  • students’ work will need to be uploaded to their personal cloud folder


Australian Curriculum English Descriptions

The specific English skills that are targeted in this course are:

Year 9

Expressing and developing ideas

  • Analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of a wide range of sentence and clause structures as authors design and craft texts

Creating literature

  • Create literary texts with a sustained 'voice', selecting and adapting appropriate text structures, literary devices, language, auditory and visual structures and features for a specific purpose and intended audience
  • Analyse how higher order concepts are developed in complex texts through language features including nominalisation, clause combinations, technicality and abstraction 



Four week course meeting in class once a week. The school can select one or up to four students to participate in this course.

Per School


Important Notes

Darkness can provide safety, a cloak of invisibility protecting you from your enemies. Darkness can allow you to scramble across sand dunes to the safety of a distant light. Or, darkness can catch your breath, and squeeze your heart. Run in the DARK! Tell me all about it…… This course is designed for highly able students in Years 6 and 7 and will address Australian Curriculum Strands from Year 9 English.

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