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'The Futurist' - Thursday 18th January 2018

Remastered Photo from THE FUTURIST Magazine, 1975

Throughout history, living amidst our natural and man-made world has led both humans and animals down paths of many untold adventures. Futurists of the past designed man-made structures built more than 2000 years ago; these structures still enable adventurers of our time to venture far.

PHYSICS: AN ADVENTURE where you seek to find the base of all measurable quantities in the universe and how they relate to each other – patterns.

What does it take though, to be a designer and builder of a structure in the world of our future yet to come?  You are invited to tackle a perplexing structural problem that needs your solutions. You will learn how to develop your reasoning and computation thinking skills; visually recording your solutions and producing tangible models of your solutions with the most unlikely of substances. As a dreamer, designer, builder or storyteller you will collaborate with a team to make discoveries that reveal the futurist of our time just could be you.

Parents please note:

  • This course is designed for students who would be eligible to attend school Years 5 to 7 in 2018

  • Sign in from 9.15am

  • Learning is from 9.30am to 3.00pm

  • A well-stocked pencil case including writing pencil/pens, colours, ruler, scissors and glue

  • Drink bottle, morning tea and lunch are required (no nuts please)

  • Please bring a hat for our time in the playground

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This course is for students enrolled in 2018 in Years 5, 6 and 7. Home schooled students are welcome to attend. It is a full day program starting at 9.30am and finishing at 3pm. Sessions are subject to a minimum class size.

Our course is being held at Le Page Primary School, Argus Street Cheltenham.



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Important Notes

Lost in our own imaginations we can dream about amazing adventures; bestowing ourselves with superpowers; discovering the newest world fad or even dream of living in another dimension. These are our dreams; these are our ‘if only I could’ moments! Designing our future is more than a dream more than an ‘if only’ moment; it is about challenging our thinking. Join other designers of the future as we tackle a really perplexing design problem that will need you to muster both your logical and illogical thoughts if we are to become the creators of our future. 

This course is designed for students who would be eligible to attend school Years 5 to 7 in 2018. Home school students are welcome to attend.

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