Prep to Year 2

Le Page Primary - One Day School - Short Course

Throughout time there have been great thinkers, people that today we remember; we celebrate their incredible thoughts and ideas, some have changed our lives more than we could have ever imagined. They chose to entertain the idea that their thoughts could be original and they chose not to tether their minds.

The word Enterceler is born from two root words; enter meaning to go in and celer meaning faster; words that provide encouragement to be all that we can be.

As an Enterceler you are part of a community of gifted thinkers; together we will venture towards discovery by entering into our own learning environment; a place where you can make choices about your learning; where you can choose to pose the questions rather than answer questions; a place where you can choose to don your cape and fly; a place where the focus is on your chosen pace for learning new skills and developing new ideas of your very own; a place where you will be nurtured and challenged to stretch your own thinking.

We do this by offering a learning environment that understands the differences in children with advanced development.

An environment where we provide:

  • A shared journey with children who have similar learning needs

  • Exploration that extends and enriches individual interests and supports the finding of new ones

  • Learning that includes complexity and allows for deep thinking and advanced interests

  • Opportunities to extend reading, writing and maths as formal skills aligned to the Australian Curriculum

  • Group participation that supports building social skills and emotional maturity

  • Experiences that encourage creativity

  • Engagement to face challenges and take risks in learning new information and skills

  • The encouragement for children to be rich, powerful and independent learners


Parents please note:

  • A maximum of 12 students will attend the course at one time.

  • Attendance is a half day in the morning for 8 weeks during a school term.

  • Your child will need to be ready for opportunities that stretch them intellectually and be comfortable in collaborative social environments.

  • Original creative thinking will be encouraged, nurtured and supported.

  • To join this community, it is recommended that you have your school’s support to attend as your child will be absent for a half day for 8 weeks during the term.

  • Please contact us if you need advice in garnering the support of your school.

  • Original thoughts will be encouraged across all domains including literacy, mathematics, science and technology.  

  • It is recommended that the students attending this course have advanced skills in either literacy or mathematics.

  • The research skills taught will be aligned to the Australian Curriculum from Year 3 and above. Learning will be scaffolded depending on each individual student’s needs to meet these curriculum outcomes. 



The Enterceler course starts on Wednesday 6th March 2019. Attendance is a half day in the morning for 4 weeks during school term. Sessions are subject to a minimum class size. 

Your child will spend 14 hours during the term working in an educational environment specialising in meeting the needs of a gifted learner. That's less than $25 per hour.

Per Home


Important Notes

Tiny pieces of the ginormous learning jigsaw begin to unfold……curious minds clutch tightly to thoughts; ideas spring and cling to us with fervent delight. The world of an Enterceler teems with possibilities; enter a world where young gifted minds can discover ideas from the past, the present and even the future; thoughts and ideas waiting to be embraced and released with the power to soar. Dare to dream reflecting the thoughts of a great mind from our past:

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”

…….words of William Shakespeare inspiring an Enterceler to fly.

Entercelers are children attending Prep, Year One or Year 2 at school; home-schooled students are eligible to attend. It is recommended that the students attending this course have advanced skills in either literacy or mathematics.

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